What is a Business Partner?

A Business Partner will have access to almost all the same things as their registering IMA. Having an Business Partner will allow you to expand your business without having to share your login information. All commissions for education orders placed by Business Partners will go to the Primary IMA.  It is up to them to split the commissions with their Business Partners. 
A Business Partner:
  • Has their own business center with their own login credentials.
  • Can register guests for events.
  • Can see and manage all guests signed up by the Primary or any other Business Partner
  • Can place educational orders.
  • Can sign up new IMAs.
  • Can see pending commissions and commission history.
  • DOES NOT share the Primary IMA's education if the Primary has purchased the education.
  • IS NOT the same thing as a Learning Partner.
  • Must pay a sign up fee of $50.00.
  • Must re-new their business partner status at the beginning of each year along with the primary IMA.
  • Should not be given the Primary IMA's login credentials.
Who Can I Sign up as a Business Partner?
You can sign up anyone directly underneath you as a business partner if they are not already an IMA.  You can also sign up brand new guests as Business Partners.
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