What is a Learning Partner and How to Sign one up?

A learning partner is a free, one time add on to any Renatus education account.  The learning partner has full access, through their own business center, to all of the primary account holder's education. A learning partner cannot be removed from the account unless the learning partner purchases their own, comparable education.
Some call this a "tuition partner".  This term is incorrect.  The Renatus system only recognizes the primary account holder as the responsible party on the education account.  Any financial arrangements made between the primary account holder and the learning partner are outside of the Renautus system.  
To add a learning partner to your account you must first have an education package that has "completed"(passed the 7 day rescission period) in the Renatus system.  Once your education has completed, you can go to your business center, select the black tab at the top of the page labeled "education", select the line item "learning partner", and add your partners information.  Please be aware that this person must be already "protected" in the Renatus system to you, or it will not allow you to add them.
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