What is a Learning Partner?

A Learning Partner is one designated by the Primary Account Holder and will receive their own login credentials which allow them to view the education that the Primary Account Holder has purchased. Once you have selected a learning partner your learning partner cannot be changed unless the learning partner purchases their own education.  
If a learning partner wants to market they can either become an IMA under the primary or sign up as a Business Partner of the Primary whose learning partner they are.
A Learning Partner:
  • Has Access to the Online Education.
  • Can come with the Primary Student to live recordings that the Primary qualifies for.
  • Gets access to a Renatus Business Center.
  • IS NOT the same thing as a business partner.
  • Is free to purchase their own education.
  • SHOULD NOT be given the Primary Student's login credentials
Who can I sign up as a Learning Partner:
You can sign anyone up as a Learning Partner that is not protected to someone else, but you can only sign up one Learning Partner.  You cannot change your learning partner after you have already signed one up.
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