Q. Can I Use AMP Campaign #1 and #2 at the Same Time?


At this time AMP is designed to allow you as an IMA to customize your landing page by choosing a single campaign. As AMP is further developed and improves there may come a time when you will be able to use both. Stay tuned as new developments are announced on the Founder's Webinar!


In order to choose which one you want to use follow the simple steps below:


  1. Go to the AMP Tab in your Business Center


  1. Click on the Gear Icon which says Settings on the left side of the screen.


  1. Select the Icon called "Campaigns".


  1. Make sure that the Active tab is selected with dark gray and with white text.


  1. Congrats on setting up your campaign!


You are welcome to change the campaign selection at anytime. If you need more information on which campaign to use, please talk to your Mentor and also consult the article titled "Question: What's the difference between Campaign #1 and #2?"

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