Q. How Do I Submit My Choice for AMP URL?

The AMP Custom URL is a great way to help prospects find you and get signed up for events with Renatus. When considering what URL to use please be aware of some general guidelines in place.


- Make sure it's free of spelling errors


- Do not include punctuation marks of any kind as the link will not work if they have them


  Some examples of punctuation would include periods, spaces, or exclamation points.


- Make sure the URL does not inadvertently spell any kind of crude or profane words.


- Make the URL specific to your business. Some examples of URL's too generic would include:,, etc.


Once you've chosen a professional and personalized URL link you're ready to set up!

In order to enter your custom AMP URL follow these easy steps...


  1. Go to the AMP Tab in your Business Center


  1. Click on the Gear Icon which says Settings on the left side of the screen.


  1. Select the Icon called "Website".


  1. Enter the Customized URL you'd like to use and click submit.


  1. Congrats on choosing your URL!


From here the URL will be sent to the Renatus Home Team for review. As long as it meets the guidelines overviewed above, your approval should take place within 48 hours. If you have any further questions please visit the AMP Heading on the Support Site or talk to your Sales Advisor.

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