Question: What is a Learning Partner?



A Learning Partner is one designated by the Primary Account Holder who has the opportunity to attend any live recordings of our online courses with the Primary! A learning partner will receive their own login so that they can view the education that the Primary Account Holder has purchased. Once you have selected a learning partner your learning partner cannot be changed.  


If a Learning Partner cannot sign up as an IMA.  If they wish to market they must sign up as a Business Partner of the Primary whose learning partner they are.


A Learning Partner:

  • Has Access to the Online Education.
  • Can come with the Primary Student to live recordings that the Primary qualifies for.
  • Gets access to a Renatus Business Center.
  • IS NOT the same thing as a business partner.
  • Is free to purchase their own education.
  • SHOULD NOT be given the Primary Student's login credentials


Who can I sign up as a Learning Partner:


You can sign anyone up as a Learning Partner, but you can only sign up one Learning Partner.  You cannot change your learning partner after you have already signed one up.

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