Question: How do I Submit My Renatus Educational Package Order Using Financing?



Contact the Renatus Independent Marketing Affiliate you are currently working with. They will help you better understand the different educational packages offered through Renatus and enter your purchase information into our system. Once you order has been placed into our system you will be emailed the purchase agreement for your review and approval, if everything meets with your approval you will need to "Write Sign"the agreement in two places. Renatus uses a "Write Sign" technology to complete our paperless transaction. 

It's simple; just use your computer mouse or computer stylist similar to how you would use a pen to sign the agreement. Your signature is required in two places, just scroll down the document until you see the first signature box. "Write Sign" the document and click on the submit button. Next scroll down the document further until the second box has been revealed. "Write Sign" the document in the second box and click on the submit button. Producing a legible signature may take a little practice. If at first you don't succeed just click on the "Clear" button and try again. Only after you have produced a legible signature should you click on the submit button. When you log into your business center you will be asked to fill out your finance application.  After filling it out you will then read and sign the finance agreement.  The finance agreement will need to be "Write Signed" four times after which you will need to submit those signatures as was done in the previous agreement(s) that were signed. 

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