Why am I not receiving UGA commission overrides?

While we cannot share personal account information, we can advise you as to some of the reasons you would not be seeing payments on a UGA account.


1) the customer is too new and payments have yet to begin (this can take up to 3 months)

2) the customer has not made any payments

3) the customer got behind on payments and everything they are now paying is going toward interest and fees.

4) the account was purchased by UGA and has been paid off.


Please keep in mind, Renatus can only pay UGA commissions on that which we receive from UGA.  If no payments have come from UGA on the account, we will not pay out any commissions. All UGA commissions are paid after the 15th of the month following the month the payment was made - for example - if Linda makes a payment in April (1st - 30th), the commission override will pay out to her upline affiliates after May 15th.

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