What is Renatus, LLC and what tools are at my disposal with my purchase of Renatus education product? How can these tools assist me in my career as a real estate investor?

Renatus, LLC is an education company.  While our focus is real estate investing education, we offer much more.  Our classes also cover business, finance, credit management & repair, networking and marketing education. They are presented by a community of successful practitioners.  These are not college professors.  These are specialists who have had great, measurable success in their area of expertise.  Renatus instructors can help you learn how to do the work and how to make money; not just in theory -  in reality.

Renatus education is divided into two categories: Essentials education and AIT (Accelerated Investor Training) education.

The Essentials education currently consists of 11 classes, with a total of approximately 75 hours of recorded education, available to you in your business center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The classes are as follows:

Creative Acquisitions: This class is all about creative methods of investing.  The methods taught in Creative Acquisitions require little or no money down and very little experience. 

Real Estate Foundations: In Real Estate Foundations, you will learn the basics of investing from terminology to finding leads to making offers and closing a deal.  This is the foundational course for all other REI courses and a perfect course to begin with.

Real Estate Red Flags: Nobody wants to get caught in traps. Real Estate Red Flags is a comprehensive catalog of many of the bumps and problems you can run into as you begin your career in REI.  The instructor provides rules to work by, obstacles you may encounter and warning signs to look for when going through a deal as well as some real-life scenarios to help solidify the concepts.

Self Directed IRA: Mat Sorensen is THE authority on investing using self-directed IRA’s.  He literally has written the handbook on the subject!  SDIRA’s are one of the best resources for investors because the tax deal/incentives are the same for real estate investing as for stocks!  Mat will walk you through setting up your SDIRA and how to use the funds from yours and other people’s accounts to invest in real estate.

Tax & Legal 1 and 2: In Tax & Legal, Mark Kohler will teach you how to save on taxes – both personal and business, how to build wealth, present asset protection concepts and help you to learn to structure the best business for you.  This class series is a must to learn the rules and regulations surrounding your new business.

Deal of the Decade: To work in Real Estate Investing, you need to be able to find and get to deals before the crowd!  Deal of the Decade will introduce strategies to obtain leads for property that is ( or may be) for sale but has not yet been exposed in the market.  We will focus on finding potential deals that others have not yet discovered.

Fast Track Review:  A major hurdle to your success as a real estate investor, or in any business, is building your team and setting goals.  In Fast Track Review, our instructor will guide you through the members of the team to support your business and how to set the goals that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Credit Management: In Credit Management, our instructor will go over the basics of understanding credit including the history of credit, where your profile comes from, terms to understand and key factors affecting your score.  He will walk you through how to establish credit and how to build a good credit score.

Velocity Banking: This is one of Renatus’ signature classes and one of the very best financial management resources you will find!  When used properly, the concepts of Velocity Banking will help you rapidly reduce your debt, decrease interest losses, increase principle paid, increase your monthly cash flow and cash available, maximize your returns, reduce stress, and create financial independence! (It may even make you better looking!)


Renatus AIT (Accelerated Investor Training) education currently consists of 44 unique classes with approximately 246 hours of recorded education, divided into 6 tracks, available to you in your business center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The tracks are as follows:

Lease Options: Includes the following courses: Market Analysis, Understanding Mortgage, Buy and hold day 1&2, Foreclosures, Managing Property Managers, and Lease options.  This grouping of classes is designed to help the student understand and implement the strategy of lease options which is a lease agreement that provides the renter with a limited right to buy a property, usually available within a specified time frame with predefined conditions.

Fix & Flip: Includes the following courses: Private Hard Money, Market Analysis, Understanding Mortgages, Foreclosures, Wholesaling, Fix & Flip Day 1 & 2, Rehabbing day 1& 2, and Auctions.  These classes are designed to help the student to understand and implement the fix and flip strategy of real estate investing which is purchasing a property under retail that needs repairs, fixing it, and reselling it for a profit.

Short Sales: Includes the following courses: Private Hard Money, Market Analysis, Understanding Mortgage, Foreclosures, Short Sales day 1 & 2, and Auctions.  These combined classes are designed to instruct the student to understand and implement the short sales real estate investing strategy – seeking out and purchasing homes for less than the mortgage owed and reselling them for a profit.

Multi-Family: Includes the following courses: Private Hard Money, Market Analysis, Understanding Mortgage, Multi-Family Day 1 & 2, Multi-Family Fix & Flip, and Investment Property Managers.  This offering is designed to help instruct the student in understanding and implementing the Multi-Family real estate strategy – purchasing and profiting from properties designed to accommodate 2 or more families such as duplexes and apartments.

Notes, Tax Liens, and Deeds: Includes the following courses: Private Hard Money, Market Analysis, Understanding Mortgage, Investing in Seller Financed Notes 1 & 2, and Tax Liens & Deeds.  These classes are designed to help the student to understand and implement the real estate investing strategy of notes, tax deeds, and liens – strategies involved in leveraging the “paper” of a property to obtain a profit.

Commercial Real Estate: Classes included are Commercial Analysis, Commercial Leases, Commercial Lending, Commercial Real Estate, and Commercial Real Estate Intro.  This combination is designed to help instruct the student in the complex field of commercial real estate including property designed for use by retail, wholesale, office, hotel, or service users. It can also include raw ground, development property, options, multi-unit housing, sub-divisions, leases, and air-rights.

Bonus Tracks: Classes included are Understanding Your Investor ID, Real Estate Sales Success, Financial Strategies, Title Escrow and Closing, Small Business Payroll, Negotiations, Business Credit, Bankruptcy, Contract for Deed, Financial Awareness, Wealth Acceleration, Raising Money and Partnerships, Credit Repair, and Advanced Velocity Banking.  These Bonus classes are designed to help enhance your real estate investing career and help you build your business.

Renatus education offers a multitude of tools to help you learn a variety of investing strategies.  Along with investment strategies, the classes can help you to learn about finances and building/structuring your growing business.  Renatus education is a perfect fit for those interested in a career in real estate investing.

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